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I’m very grateful that you landed here on my website. Probalbly not a slump :). I’m Celest, a Dane living in Stockholm Sweden. Lovinaspirit is a universe for you to be inspired, get support and easy access to much of the spiritual fantastic information available to us.

Lovinaspirit – here you’ll find information and guidance:

  • Kundalini yoga
  • animal communication
  • HSP
  • numerology
  • spirituality
  • Reiki Healing
  • your personal jouney to a more conscience life and being
  • life in the familiy – growing as a mum and out of the mum role

and a lot more to come.


Lovinaspirit means:

Love = love

Ina = mother earth

spirit = we are one

and Lovina is a beautiful city in the north of Bali with the most beautiful people. Here I got inspired to creating the Lovinaspirit universe.

I hope to hear from you and also browse through my site to see if any of my offers would be something for you. Welcome!