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Dog Therapist

Learn the silent language of the dog – communicate on the same frequency

Are you considering buying a dog or do you need help with your dog at home? Do you have the feeling that you could understand each other better? Maybe talk on the same frequency? I’m a dog therapist and I specialize in guiding dog owners to find harmony with their dogs. Most often we misunderstand our dog because they don’t speak human and we don’t speak dog. How about learning the language of your four legged friend.

Dogs are healing animals and have soo much to give. So no matter if you have a dog that:

  • is barking all the time
  • has separation anxiety
  • is jumping at people
  • is destroying your house

or other behavioural problems – we can help the dog gain confidence and trust in you and your relationsship.

Lovinadogs – Consultations in Sweden, Denmark and global
I’m Vienne and I work as a Dog Therapist and Doglistener in Denmark, Sweden and Globally. I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my family and I do consultations in both Denmark and Sweden and online globally. I don’t need to see the dog to understand how to help you since the dog already knows what I’m going to teach you.

My approach is holistic and non-violent and it is not a quick fix. You can find out more at my site lovinadogs.com

I work with the method Amichien Bonding and I’m a certified JF Doglistener which is a holistic method that seeks to let the dog choose to be with us of it’s own free will. I never say no or hurt my dog and you can also get the tools to connect with your dog without hurting yourself or the dog.

Amichien Bonding means: Ami = friend, chien = dog and bonding. Jan Fennell has developed this unique method and she was inspirered by the Horsewhisperer Monty Roberts. Jan Fennell studyed wolves in Yellowstone hence she developed Amichien Bonding which is based on learning the language of our dogs and using their signals to gain trust and understand and of course connecting with them.

Amichien Bonding is a method that works especially well with traumatised animals but also as a tool to understanding your dog before you even pick it up at the kennel.