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Have you checked in to your body today? - Lovinaspirit by Celest
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My good, what is she asking me? Well it’s actually too simple to be easy. By checking into yourself I mean have your listened and talked to your body today?

I only started doing this last year. So that means that I haven’t checked into my body for 34 years… I’m doing everything as good as I can. I’m not blaming myself because I didn’t know and I didn’t know how to.

Listen to your body today
But now that I know how to, it is easier for me to talk to my body and most of all: listen. Since it’s not something that I intuitively came up with I got inspired by my spiritual mentor,SanneSiphora, and her techniques. You can read more about her here.

Difficult to dig into my body
Let’s get this straight. I’m not a person of patience. Hence it has been difficult for me to dig into my body and start listening. But with the help of her healing mindfulness audio file and a lot of other tools, I finally broke through to my inner peace – at least now and then.